About me

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My name is Marko and I prefer to say I’m European. I can’t identify just with one culture, I was raised in a multi-cultural environment and whole my life I have been moving from country to country.

Why tireless traveller?

My family told me I was a very curious and restless kid, and as an adult I still feel as curious as ever and relentless in pursuit of discovery. My parents always travelled a lot and lived in many different places, so I guess I have that in my blood. I’ve always enjoyed travelling, getting to know new places and people.

It also became evident when I grew up and finished my studies, I wanted to travel the world. So first I moved to Belgium, then Spain, back to Belgium again and then the UK. Each of these places has left some impact on me and my personality, so I always say I acquired some good traits from each place I lived in. I feel European exactly because of having lived in 6 different European countries and having spent extended periods of time in several others. I’ve also travelled around Europe a lot and by now know the continent quite well.

From Europe to Bangkok, Mexico City, and all the way to New York

After Europe became too small for me, I moved to Bangkok, which made me feel even more European. It is interesting how us Europeans see so many cultural differences between each nation/country, which make the small continent of Europe very interesting, but outside we can all of a sudden feel more connected to each other as Europeans.

During my time in Bangkok I managed to discover the continent a lot and been very lucky to visit most of Asian countries. I’ve travelled to very touristy places like China, Japan or South Korea, some remote (from a European perspective) places, like Australia and New Zealand, as well as to some less visited places, like Brunei or North Korea (yes, I’ve been to DPRK!!!). Thought, I’m still missing some places I want to visit, like Bhutan, Iran and Mongolia.

After 3.5 (amazing) years in Bangkok, I decided it is time to explore a new continent so Latin America was the next one, and I moved to Mexico City (CDMX) in June 2016. I stayed in CDMX for exactly one year and in that year I managed to see most of Mexico and some other Latin American countries. In July 2017, I moved to New York and let’s see where will the travel-bug take me next.

Why am I writing this blog?

Many times I though I should record my trips, write down my impressions of the places I visited, restaurants I’ve eaten at or things I’ve done. On one hand, this record could be just for myself, to remember the details of what I enjoyed the most or what I shouldn’t do again, but on the other hand, I could also share it with my friends to help organize their travels. My friends know I like to travel and enjoy good food so often they ask for tips, suggestions and recommendations on places. And that’s how this blog was born, I wanted to write, save my memories about my trips, as well as share my biggest passion… travelling and food… with my friends and other fellow travellers.

Already thinking and writing about my trips helps me to remember the great moments I spent on the road alone or with close friends & partners, but by making it public I also hope my friends or complete strangers will enjoy my passion!